I was asked yesterday by a lady at my school’s library that’s (HOUT BAY HIGH SCHOOL) she asked if I wanted to stay after school for manicure and I agreed… today we are putting on red lip sticks and painting our nails, and the best part is that we are doing each other…too bad I couldn’t take pictures because I was busy too with myself. Sure tomorrow is going to be a great weekend.



emo choses

Why do I have to choose?

Because that’s the hardest thing ever…I mean who chooses these day?

People just go with the flow

Is it wrong to love more than one soul?

Because it’s what I want to do

Why can’t you understand!


PRETTY GIRL is 1st lonely

Then she gets herself a friend

Later gets herself a boy fiend

Friend feels lonely and not wanted by girl

Girl makes friend feel love and belonging

Boy friend betrayed and wrecked down by girl

Girl makes boy friend feel loved and happy again

Friend gets a bit jealous

Boy friend gets angry….And girl is confused (question mark)

And the both force her to choose…choose…choose

Instead she cries and tells them: I LOVE YOU BOTH, YOU ARE SO SPECIAL TO ME…WHY CHOOSE?

The next day she committed suicide by jumping off a cliff and she was gone the red sea swallowed her


I’m happy and enjoying life at the moment.

Long days ago man had more than 3 wives and I get the reason for that now

WHY CHOOSE? when you are happy?



they are angels

Something is happening…right under our noises. A lot of us are too blind to watch whats happening around us, with that tired eye… that eye they always keep blind. We need to stop ignoring the things around us, in order to see what is really happening around us. A few of us have already woke up. We are still trying to wake up our brothers and sisters, so they can see what is really happening in this cruel world

Proud of being (EMO)


We are not fake!
We are not all depressed!
We are not weirdos or freaks…whatever you call us
And we are not possessed with demons and stuff
We do not care to please people who don’t want to please us!
We are sick and tired of being told to do this and that!
We don’t care to vote in elections…we don’t listen to the lies that the government tells us!
Together we are one and strong!
We don’t all cut our wrists when somebody has disappointed us…people we loved and trusted, but instead we get stronger!!!
We are young and wild!
We understand each other more
And er don’t care of being NORMAL!!!


There was a knock on the door as my heart went THUD…THUD…THUD. I quickly hide my bags under my bed. “come in”, I said. And the door opened with daylight rushing in. My little sister got in with a chocolate bar on her right hand and she gave it to me. “Mother says I must it to you”, she said with those big blue eyes. I smiled at my sister as I took the 24 blocks of chocolate bar on her soft small hand and I bend to kiss her on the chicks. She giggled and ran out the door I watched her running …my smile disappeared because I was worried that it could be my last time to see her, why? because I was leaving later that day.
I slowly closed my rooms’ door then took my two bags under my bed with my small simple suitcase that was on top of the closet. I was already finished packing up only my suitcase was empty now. I put more clothes and blankets for myself with my laptop under wrapped in a blanket then I closed it. My heart was now slowing a bit, I was calm. Then another knock came from the door again. Then mom came in without waiting for me to tell her to come inside. ” Your friend is here”, she said. And she turned and went to the living room without noticing my stuff, I quickly closed my suitcase then walked out of my room. There was Masisi standing next to the front door smiling at me as she asked me if I was going to the dance class, but I told her I wasn’t going because I had to do a lot of homework for the day, I lied. She nod slowly and I could see her thinking… I took her gym bag and carried it for her as I walked her out. As we were about to turn a corner to the main road because my house was a corner house in my surprise I almost screamed and run away, my friends came running to me with buckets of water with I froze for 5 seconds then I turned and ran away as fast as I could. But my friends weren’t stopping at all. I ran up my street knowing I was going to take a different direction that will cause them to loose me but I was tricked in my own game in my surprise my cousin Samantha and my friend Nosira were already waiting for me. stood in front of them and surrendered, I could run the whole day I know my friends would do any thing to catch me and I would be fooling my self because they came in all directions to pure me with water I did nothing but let them do it. Laughing at the same time as I close my eyes and breathed slowly. It came to my head after a while, that it was my birthday and I’ve forgotten it. “Happy birthday to you…” that’s what they sang to me just after throwing water at me. With some of them clapping their hands I looked up and saw in each and every face there was a smile. It was how we celebrated each others’ birthday with or without a party. More like a our tradition. after the song I’ve got hugs and kisses…my friends were just the best ever. I waved to them all as they went to the dance class which I was not going to “are you not coming?” Lella asked me. She always pulled me along so I can not miss my dance class “no chomie I am not, I’ve got a lot to do and besides it’s my birthday…do I have to go to dance?” she smiled and said okay running after the others. I changed my clothes as mother was sleeping in her room. I closed the door of my room then took out from the book shelf the book I finished reading. I just looked at it and started to wonder if the stuff ‘PITTACUS LORE’ was talking about true or not true. And what got me thinking the most was the part that said:
That’s what kept me wondering and worried I was, because a part of me did want to believe in them. The whole Alien thing. So curious I’ve been praying to see them one day, sooner. I was in my room the whole afternoon , hearing voices through the walls, taps pouring water as they made noises with dogs parking and cars making more loud noises. I took my blackberry phone and set myself a alarm to wake me up at 18:00pm. Then I took a nap. I couldn’t really doze off…was just thinking with my eyes closed. There was never a moment of quietness I could hear wheels splashing water on the streets as it rained and stop repeatedly. Hours went by then later I started smelling food then I knew mother was cooking at the kitchen, red meat, rice, vegetables and brown onion soup were just mixing in the air as the steam went dancing around the house. the noises outside started to slow down a little, only car wheels I cold hear now. Then the alarm came on in a very loud ring as it hurt my ears I quickly switched it off. I got up looking at the time and it was 18:00pm already. I close my eyes and took a really deep breath. And I knew it was time. The I got up taking my two sport bags and suitcase. Opened my room’s door and first looked at who was standing by the passage way to the door going outside, there was nobody. Now was my chance. I quickly made my way to the bathroom and quickly looked out the window and no one was by the house tap outside. I threw my stuff out the window and hurried to my room took my phone and the ‘I AM NUMBER FOUR’ book. Also my tiny hand bag that had my wallet and ID. Rushed out my room and locket it putting the key in my jean’s pockets. Went to the kitchen then opened the fridge and took out snacks covered in brown paper ” So tell me where you off to in such a rush?” the Suzi the nanny asked me, well she always acted more like my mother. I turned and faked a smile on her…thinking of what to lie about ” well I’m taking a walk to the beach to finish my book, wont take long “, I lied. I closed the fridge then went straight to the door going outside. She watched me smiling then checked her pots as she was making supper. Outside there were passing no people that I knew by my house so I ran fast to the tap and opened one bag, making space for my snacks closed it again then carried my two sports bags that weren’t really heavy and my small simple suitcase with my phone and my handbag on my hands. I rushed waling up my street and made a quick turn to the left that lead me to the main road. I saw my small two cousins from a short distance playing with balls and skipping ropes, but couldn’t see my small sisters. My phone started to ring and I answered. It was the taxi driver asking where I was…I looked around trying to spot the cab and there it was parking by the pavement I waved as I told him I was about to cross the road.
I got in as I greeted him and he drove us away from the busy main road. I looked out the window. The sky was covered in grey clouds with very less sunshine I watched people walking up and down, some jogging with their dogs even though it was rainy. I was going to miss my home and friends…just everything. God what was I doing I grew up here, but it as too late I already made the decisions. I was leaving and that was it. As we drove pass the International school up the robots heading to Llanduno I closed my eyes and counted to ten. Was I being a drummer queen or I was scared and nervous of what I was doing. “Are you alright?” he asked me but kept his eyes on the road. I smiled and nod at him without saying a word. My throat and mouth were dry, made my lips dry and that would soon create cracks. Still looking out the window I watched the Table Mountain’s cables going slowly up and down. We were so lucky to have a cable station at a mountain that’s called Table Mountain. Cape Town was famous of it. We drove and a beautiful sunset by the Camp’s Bay Beach caught my eyes. I took a picture of it. Something I’ll also remember about Cape Town. At the Cape Town Airport we just got in time before my flight. It was 19:30pm already and I rushed out followed by him as he opened the boot to take out my stuff. I payed him the fee for transportation and I went inside the big glass door of the Aitport. Went to get my ticket checked and i was behind a rushing group of people as we made our way to the plane. Got inside as i searched for my seat. My small suitcase between my legs and my bags ontop of my head in a bag shelf… the captian was speaking and within a few minutes we were going up and away. I was lucky to be by the window and a guy good looking guy with a serious face was next to me. I put on my earphones and looked out the window. I was not surprised to see the beautiful Cape Town in it’s great lights at night and the Table Mountain was pretty gorgeous aswell… I didnt want to think much. I was tired and all I could do was just to sleep.


The first morning I ever had without waking up from my bed but instead a plane’s seat felt painful. Jozi looked beautiful and it was still dark. I was in a hurry to catch a plane that was going to leave at 12:30 in that same day…I was glad that everything went to plan. Everything was fine at the moment whileI was still in South Africa. We got out off the plane in order and went get our bags. I still felt sleepy and did not care to loo at my time I searched for the ladies toilets and I found it. I remeber getting inside with all my stuff, sat on the toilet seat and started to fall asleep. Later on still deep in my sleep I heard someone knocking on the  my door. I quickly rose up and got out. The women aske if I was alright…I replied with a friendly smile and washed my face and out I went. Just in time before I could go to my seat again, a lady came up to me in such a hurry “excuse me…are you leaving for the United Kingdom? I slowly nodded wondering what was wrong. she took my hand to the receptionist and I gave my stuff away. The coloured lady was smiling at me, all of this made her smile made it all feels right. My plane was about to leave.  Within 2minutes I was out of the airport to catch the plane. I got inside…for the first time ever. Looked for my seat and I was so glad to sit by the window, what can I say there’s excitement in everything that’s for 1st experience. I took my small suitcase and stuffed it at the top. As I turned to get back to my seat, I bumped on a guy who was searching for his seat…that was next to mine. I apologized and there was an awkward moment for a minute between us. He looked at me like he knew me from somewhere, which made me stare at him strangely. And besides that I was 18 and I’m sure he was wondering, where in England was I going. I made myself comfortable on my seat and switched on my ipod as I put my earphones before the captain started speaking. Then I looked out the window and the plane started to move. Just like what my math teacher said, it was so beautiful to watch everything down there while flying up. Breath taking it was indeed, after a few minutes I saw only clouds…and the sky and then it came up to me, I was going to miss my family, friends, dance classes and school.

The guy turned to face me and I gave him a friendly smile so did he, then he spoke. I asked him to excuse me and repeat himself he laughed a little he then saw I was wearing my earphones and they were on boost.