Bringing Heaven to Earth….Valley Church (My 2nd Home)

Ever since I’ve joined Valley Church in 2012, while there was still a “teenage” healing session taking place. From that moment I just knew that this church was going to be a part of my life. It’s where God wanted me to be, his house…my home. In “LIFE HURTS GOD HEALS”, we were placed in groups where we had 2 group leaders and it would be the guys and girls alone in groups of 6. We were opened to talk about any thing and people were telling their own strories and we were more like sisters. We got each other’s backs and started to get healed each and everyday because of the homeworks we were gave to do, those were’nt even homeworks they were time-tables for your time with God. I even got baptized on that year 2012.But as a girl who is so inlove with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and who is always putting Him first in everything she is’s really annoying to some people. I’ve got a group of friends who some times go to church and my church and their church is completely different but that does not really matter because we are worshiping the same God at the end. But still they don’t understand my connnection with Him. They probably think I am going nuts most times, like when we are at break time with me listening to worship songs and they would think I am listening to rock songs and just making an excuse. Reason- Hillsongs, Elevation Worship, Bethel Music and the rest don’t always sound like worship song when it comes to the bands. But I listen to worship songs when I’m really avoiding their talks about sex and how it feels and stuff. Girls talk about thoes stuff, but it’s boring speaking about romance and stuff all the time and you don’t even care of experiencing them because you’re a busy matric girl!. And everytime when I am just “laid back” and chilled and not getting my self worked out and stressing about my reasults at the end of the year because I know that I did my best and He is always there next to me. They once asked me, why I am chilled and not stressing like they are about the results. and I told them that I know I won’t fail because I’ve been inviting Him to sit next to me everytime I wrote my exmas and I told them that I had faith in myself and in him….and they took it as a joke. Yes, they probably did laugh at loud. But I never cared about that, at the end of the year I passed.  And ever since that year 2012 till now 2015 I’m always make sure I am at peace, everytime when there’s been something troubling my heart the Prince of Peace is always there right next to me. He would always comfort me when I’ve locked myself in my room and listen to his favourite songs, our favourte songs. If I could’nt go to church on Sunday, I won’t be in a good mood for the rest of the day because it always feel like there’s this “Thing” that is missing in me. And nobody gets me when I tell them that, but he gets me. My friends will never stop thinking I am crazy till they seek and find him like I did. I am not afriad/ashamed to say this ” I PUT HIM FIRST AND I LOVE HIM FIRST AND I LIVE FOR HIM ONLY, even if I had to get killed for worshiping him ” I’d let it be….because I’m not ashamed of shouting to the whole wide world of the great things his doing for each and everyone of us. Even the non-church attenders never know it’s him when they get promotions at work. He is the provider and he knows when you are suffering, and he shall provide. I know that he is calling each and every one of us in to do greater things. Ever wonder why you’ve got a loving heart and working as a social worker or a vat….he placed you there and all he wants from you is letting him love you too just like you love those children and animals. He wants to spend time with you.  




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