Today at my dance class, came about 4 people who came to talk and watch us dance.  I’m so happy that I’ll be talking to Heather again via an e-mail

And it was such an hornor to meet them…

Something so wonderful happened yesterday 04 August

It was so amazing that everybody had a party pack after the dance class…I still see the smile on my little sisters faces when they were walking home with their packs.

Everybody really had a great time. Auntie Marilyn and her family were there handing the goodies to us…and thanking their friends who came up with this idea of giving the kids these packs

I look around and admire (jikeleza) for doing what they are doing for the kids. For taking them in, without them giving out a fee or something but having a chance to dance.

Jikeleza is making a huge difference in our lives

I am talking from exprience…it’s been 10 years now and i’ve been dancing and it’s worth it

Instead of been seen on the streets doing other things

We are seen dancing in the community hall

Because we love dancing and it is more safer than watching kids playing on the busy roads

Jikeleza WELL DONE!

FROM: me (Jacqueline)




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