Mr Scare welcomed us with no smile on his face. That feeling of that something special I had in mind, told me that this was going to be a serious and tough journey to this new school. Mr Scare introduced the teachers and they were…Mr Diamonds, Miss Rita, Mr Killer, Miss Bella and Mr Fox. The teachers all looked really strict, like they were under-mining us in a way they were looking at us. “Tonight…there is going to be a feast held here at this school. I want you students to get along with each other, treat each other with respect and fellowship”, said Mr Scare. We were then taken to our boys and Girls room sites. Five people shared a huge room with five beds, chairs and a fire place. The room had dark purple inside and it was so warm. I shared a huge room with four pretty girls. I first introduced myself to them and they did the same, they were Ruby the girl with long red hair, Judy the girl with short blonde hair, Gaga the Emo kind of girl and lastly was Mega the girl with a lot of piecing. I went to a bed carrying my bags. Meltida, our room’s cleaner came in with a washing basket and told us to put all our clothes that we’ve came with inside the washing basket. No one questioned her, we just did as we were told. Then Meltida went out. “What is she going to do with our clothes?” asked Judy. Nobody answered but they just shook their heads. I went to a widow and looked outside…curious to see something cool, but there was nothing. heard Gaga saying she was going to the library, she got out and I followed. As I got out she was already taking a corner if I had called her she wouldn’t hear me anyway so I walk alone the for the library. The school was so huge and getting lost wasn’t going to be good at all. I saw a guy with black hair and I approached him wanting to ask for the library. And when I was in front of him I could tell he was a brazilain guy. So I asked him where the library was at and he told me to go straight, take the corner to the left, go up the stairs on the second 1st floor then I will see the library and I did just that. At the library I could see Gaga reading a book standing by the teen’s book site, it’s cover page looked interesting. Could tell she was reading something scary there was a grin on her face…it’s what a emotive person does when they are watching horror or reading….because they know “it’s sweet to be scared”, I ended up saying those words. I wanted to read some thing. A book from Stephanie Meyer, I so loved her books from TWILIGHT, ECLIPES, NEW MOON and so on. luckily I did find NEW MON and I read it. This felt like I was back where I belong not in some weird cold island. So as I turned to read the next page I felt someone standing at the back of me, facing me. I could see the shadow on the book I had to turn and look who was it. And as I turned to look there was this cute boy looking down on me. Before I could say anything, he introduced himself “hey, I am killer…and you are?” I was surprised at this. He was so pretty…more like a girl he was even pretty than me. I was amazed. That made me clear my throat first.
” I am Lajazz Rosa “. that’s all I could say. Then I looked at Gaga who was so reading continuously in her book, not even I fly could touch her. Killer sat next to me and it felt weird, but good at the same time. Because I need a boy who was going to be my friend so he will remind me of my friend I had left behind. I looked at him for a minute… then I smiled. We then started to have a cool conversation and he told me that he was doing his 3rd year at the school. ” would you like to see something?” that’s what he asked me. I was a bit confused but I agreed anyway then he got me up. We went out the library and he leaded the way as he hold my hand. There was a fog surrounding the whole school, that made me not seen a thing. I could only hear my feet as they went forward. “don’t be scared or anything I wont hurt you”, that’s what he said. I wanted to laugh because I was not afraid of anything…it’s just that this was weird. So we walked ,but not for long. then I felt bushes as I walked through them. I just wanted to ask where we were going, but i kept quiet and carried on with the walking.
Then we finally stop walking and the told me to close my eyes. I didn’t know what Killer was up to, but was curious to find out. “take a deep breath because if you don’t you’ll die”, that’s what he said and i was shocked so I had no chioce but to do as i was told. As we both holded our breaths I felt something crawling up my spin. It was not creepy instead it felt great…something undescribable. Then he told me to breath in and to open my eyes so I did that. When I opened my eyes I was in a beautifuliest place ever. I saw him infront he was so pretty, I know it sounds werid to say a guy is pretty. But told him anyway. He gave a little laugh… could see shy a bit. “Did you look at yourself at mirror?” he asked me. I smiled at him, where are we? changing the topic. “This is the surprise I was talking about”, and he smiled. The weather was hot that me to take off my coat. The place was surrounded by mountains in God’s care, just like Hout Bay. I liked this place already.

The horses came to us like a storm that almost scared me a bit. But I acted as though I was fine…standing next to killer and holding my breath. they paused in front of us and they were both so gorgeous that I couldn’t stop myself but brush them both on their chins.”shall I get you up on it?” Killer asked. I smiled and shock my head and I got up the horse by my self. He seemed impressed by that. We ride the horses so fast they were running like a wind and I felt like I was in paradise, I place I will always visit and never forget. We didn’t talk but smiled at each other which made me shy and look away. Killer was a killer meaning…he was beautiful, sexy, handsome and smart at the same time. I couldn’t miss a minuet without looking at him. He sat on top of his horse like he was about to take a picture for an old style news paper but he was more like he was in his own world. His deep eyes watching the horizon. And I still watch him then in my surprise we were in front of a breath taking garden. I was so sure that it was God’s master piece garden….so sure that it was beautiful than Adams and Eve’s garden and I smiled. The place was more like paradise. Somewhere I would want to be lost in…lost in paradise like the one I am in wouldn’t be scary at all.


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