I woke up that Sunday very early. It was a new day so I had to open up my curtains and windows. Hoping to feel the sun warming up my morning face, instead it was a chilly breeze, because it was winter. I liked winter, didn’t know why even though I hated the cold. The clouds were grey everywhere, and it was still a little dark. So I pretended to be feeling the sun warming up my face. Thinking again I didn’t have time to waste, I was going to a new school I reminded myself, a boarding school. The weird thing about the school was, it was called HILL DISA WHITE WINTER SCHOOL. Now that made me do a research about it, but I founded nothing about it. but that didn’t matter. I wore very warm clothes and my bags were downstairs. I packed my clothes last night, I guess I was excited, but now I wasn’t at all. realizing I was going to leave Gemma all alone, was not a good idea. after brushing my teeth and washing my face I then went down stairs. I saw Gemma at the library room reading so I just went to the television room didn’t want to interrupt her. Sitting cosy on the sofa. My phone made a funny sound. It was a black berry message from someone then a looked at my message, then i saw it was Zack, my friend. We grew up together since our first day at school. He knew I was going to a boarding school and he was not really happy about it. He sent me a short message with a picture of him and Ryan, his brother eating Mexican burgers with two plates of ribs in front of them and they were at the V&A in Waterfront, I could see. They were enjoying them selves I saw. Then there was a knock on the door, I got up and rushed to open. In my surprise there was standing a lady in black who was beautiful as a rose. I welcomed her in my home with a simle. “Hellow again Devillina” said Gemma from the back, strange I did not hear her high pencil heels at all. Then I closed the door. The ladies made their way to the dinnig room then they sat down chatting about strange things…islands and magic also about warriors and choosen ones,I rushed to the televison room. Respecting their strange conversation, I did’nt want to hear more. Passed Bobelia who was carrying tea to the ladies, she was a servant. I greeted her with a smile. Then I made my way to the television room, but Gemma called out “take your bags to the door sweet heart”, she said. I got up slowly then walked to get my bags and I took them, made my way to the dining room where Gemma and Devillina were having tea. I sat next to Gemma then she turned to look at me. ” It’s time to go sweet heart and please be strong and look after yourself, I love you”, she said. I felt like cry but I did not instead I swallowed the tears. I hided my sadness with my beautiful smile and gave Gemma a hug. Then Devillina got up putting down her tea cup, I took a deep breath…still holding Gemma so close to my heart I knew it was time to go. Devillina took my bags at the front door and waited for me. I and Gemma made our way to the front door as we held tightly each other’s hands. At the door I took my bags and gave Gemma a kiss on the chick then made my way to the car at the gate that Devillina was driving, inside there were two other girls my age I greeted them kindly and watched Devillina talking to Gemma, then she came to the car and started to drive us to the boarding school. A bit excited I was, but also stressed. I loved my hometown and now I was going to another place that I knew nothing about. And yet still…something nobody really knew about me was that I like to explore places and have adventures. A bit child-ish I know. We drove and hours passed and we were still on the road and not a second it bored me, I enjoyed it. Watching the sea from Hout Bay to Llanduno with the beaches all the way from Camps Bay to Sea Point cleared my mind a bit. Nature is so close to my heart. The girls next to me were so very quiet and they were boring me and that made me talk to them whether they would reply to me or not. And in my surprise they were actually amazing girls and they were Vilentina and Chica. The part that made me feel so close to them was that they were both new at the school just like me. Something told me we were going to be good friends. In our conversations I founded that Chica was living at the Valley Road next to THE WORLD OF BIRDS and Vilentina lived at the BENG EN DAL private properties. They were both in Hout Bay and it was my first time seeing them. We shared our luncheon and snacks then we continued with our chats until finally we came to the end of our road. We got out of the car and in our surprise we were not the only new teens at the school. There were more of us and we were in front of a big lake with dark waters and small boats with 4 teenagers in each. Devillina took the three of us to a boat we got inside the boat. And there were no paddles on it. ” How are we going to be able to paddle this boat without any paddling sticks”? I questioned Devillina. She smiled at me and told us that all we had to do was to just sit down and let the boat take us to the school. We looked at each other with wide eyes and Devillina left us wondering, she could see we were confused of what she has just told us. ” What does she means the boats will take us”? said Chica, confused just like me and Valentina were. Devillina came back with a girl our age who looked so shy. We introduced our selves to her, showing that we were kind girls to get along with. She spoke to us with a friendly smile. And I could tell she had great personality. After having a short chat, the boats started to move, because everybody was in a boat as I looked around…all in fours. This was weird at some point I’ve never saw these kinds of boats that just moves themselves and takes you straight where you are going. No one minded that we just kept on chatting. Then we came to an Island and it was so amazing. We were all so amazed that our school was on an Island and it was there in a short distance, on top of a hill. It stood there proud and mighty ” OMG “! we all said. What could’ve we said…blowin away we werer. Everybody got out the boats and we followed 2 leaders to the school. The weather was cold, but no snow and yet I knew it was winter. As we walked I started to reverse my head a bit. Gemma didn’t want to tell me anything about the school and how in the World did she find me a beautiful, huge school like that and it was on an Island? I had questions, but no one could fill me in. We finally got to the school. Looking at my watch…it was 13:00pm. At the school we were taken to the school’s hall. Where we all sat on red velvet chairs. Then five people came inside, walking in a row as they made their way up the stairs to the seats in a row that were facing us, I knew they were the teachers…so proud and tall they were. This was the beginning of something great going to happen. Then a man proud and tall as he is, he sat on a huge gold chair like a king. Then a girl next to me whispered, that’s Mr Scare…the headmaster


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