The story came up to me like a storm, it kept me thinking about it. My friend Henrike wants to know how do I come up with stories like these and I just don’t know how to answer her, it’s a gift I guess but looking at my everyday miserable life the story was a long time part of me. I knew that some how I had to put it down on a story or a dairy, but just didn’t know when was the right time to actually write my story down. Stories and music usually comes to my head out of the blue. This story came to me this year, I was not sure at first what it was about and it never left my head. I could see it’s vision playing in my head. I mixed reality and fantasy together. As you know there are no ghosts living on the Moon. I created the whole thing and David is me, why because he lives like i do. And im not ashamed to say that im growing up in abuse and no one really sees this. David got everything his parents both got good jobs and they are young and they live at a country site in a mansion. The boy doesnt have friends or family members at his age to play with, his a loner most of the time just like me. The only people David talks to and laughs with is Wendy and Suzan. Wendy is a now a cleaner, who was David’s babay sitter and Suzan is a chief. They are both sisters who came from Swellendam in South Africa to Greece. David loves them like they are his older sisters even though his the only child to Alex and Trevor. Mr Mark was an old 49 year old man who had no family. He was a security guard at the mansion ever since it was build and he was more like a family member, to the Forest family. Mrs and Mr Forest’s parents that should’ve been David’s grand and gran-parents both died after the young couple got married. David never really knew them. Maybe he should’ve been alive if he live with them. 10 years old and living in abuse that number is too big, but to me it’s been 17 years living in abuse, and I still ask God why did he give me the parents I’ve got now. A mistake I still think I am, but hey…I can’t complain. I still ask God why did he give me such a hard test= live is a test…that’s what they say. And it’s true, I see that in me. David says his greatest companion is the Moon and his tree house is his favourite place to be. His more like me I don’t have a tree house, but my room is my secret favourite place in the World and my phone is my greatest companion. I’m able to chat with friends who cares about me as I tell them how I feel and so on. Sometime it’s good pouring your pain out to someone you meet on BBM, MXIT or 2go. They always find a way to calm you down or make you feel special. David was still young to have a phone. He knew nothing about the social life. But he founded something a lot greater that a lot of teenagers will never see amazing and it was the Moon. I sometime sit at night when I’m going to throw something out side then by just looking at the sky trying to forget whatever was happening, the moon always catches my eyes whether it’s milky or a bit dark. The sky is my greatest companion at night that’s why I made it David’s friend at night. I like writing…it’s just something so amazing, I just wonder where it will take me?



  1. Really impressive Jacky! No matter where writing will take you, you will definitely encourage and inspire a lot of people. Proud of you!

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