MOON CHILD (the silent death)

I was once a abused little boy. Was not heard , but instead ordered around. My parents were still young and I think they made a big mistake rushing to marriage and bringing me to this cruel world. Most nights I would go outside,up my tree house and watch the peaceful moon. My greatest companion at night, that made me love and care for nature. Every night I would hear shouts and screams when trying to sleep. Those were the reasons that made me go outside, watch the beautiful night and its moon. The mansion felt cold and empty, the reason it felt that way to me was because there was no love in the house no joy and no warmth. Most times father would beat up mother till she bleeds, and mother always fought back to him by throwing glass vases, art work in frames or any hard objects that decorated the house. that’s how she also made father bleed. After her every fight with father she would be sad, and wouldn’t talk to anyone. I’ve never had a conversation with her, my own mother not even a 5minutes conversation, no one really talked to me. So Suzan would make her an ice cream chocolate and a fruit salad to put a smile on her face for a day, but after finishing her treat she would get sad again. I couldn’t understand her and I always asked myself, why was she living in a abusive relationship that made me think she liked it, I was abused…abused till the end. I felt useless even more that I never went for help when they fought. An independent women she was, all I wanted for her was a fresh start. I only wanted her to be happy for once even having a stepfather was not going to bother me. Father always wore a black mood. So I never wanted to be on his way. Most times I would just watch him working on his office and wonder how his real love felt like… if he had love or if he really loved me and mother because we were the only family he had. Even though I was his son he only knew my birthday. Gave me a pile of presents with no love. Then one day coming from school, I didn’t really want to go home because I knew there was a fight. I could feel it inside me. I asked Wendy the chef if I could help her with the cooking so she agreed. Then I served supper to my parents. “You look so handsome in that bow-tie David”, said mother. I smiled at her while I sat down the dinner table. It was a Friday and father was bored. After supper I switched on the television, watching cartoon of SpongeBob Square Pants. Then again like a hundred times before father and mother were having an argument again. But this time I had more and more glasses breaking, so I ran to see. And there my sweet mother who just got beaten again, On the floor and slowly crawling to her room. I ran to the kitchen for a hard weapon. So I found the broom instead. With my heart beating so fast. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but had to do something. With father slowly going to mother like a movie killer. I handled the broom firmly with both hands than ran to father and smashed very hard the broom on his back. I thought something was going to happen to him, but he was still up not on the floor. I was disappointed in myself, what can I say I was a 10year old boy. And I knew I needed something harder, that made me look down for a minute. Slowly looking up he was in front of me breathing like a beast from hell. I knew I was dead already.” So you against me too buddy?”, he said. As if he had some great relationship with me some how, then now I was turning up against him. I didn’t know him any way.” then David go to your room now!”, he ordered. And I didn’t move. I was not going to leave mother and let him hurt her over and over again.”So you”re not going to your room?”he asked. Then he shoock me so violently with both his hands holding my thin arms so tightly, telling me I should listen to his orders and not be like my mother. But i remained still. So angry he was i could feel his warm breath on my forehead, like a bull ready to kill. “You leave my son alone”, mother said in a painful weak voice. And she was trying to get up. Quickly father turned to look at her, wearing a very evil grin on his face i was confused if he was still angry or what. He went to her like a flood. He stood ontop of her, beated her as she screamed in pain. Then he got up i wanted to move, but i could’nt. He then came with a glass table. Mother’s corner glass table for decoration now it was going to hurt her. I shouted Wendy’s name and Mr Mark’s, to help mother, but none of them came. Father held the table with both his hands high up in the sky ready to kill mother. She saw him coming slowly to her with that table then mother started to crawl fast to safety, then she got tired fast, then lay weakly on the floor again. She waited for him to do whatever he was going to do, she knew what he was going to do though.”How can you let her get hurt again?” I questioned myself. I watched her laying hopelessly on the floor with her eyes closing, she wanted to just feel the pain not to see it coming again. That’s when I felt force pushing me from the back , that made me run to help mother. Small and beautiful it came in speed as i covered my mother’s body with my skinny arms and body, saving my mother. I gave a great cry as the table smahed my back. It smashed me then fell in pieces as i fell with it.I felt the pain, the pain of my spin that’s been broken.Then i was silent…I was then gone. After a short cry then a silent death. Blood was running out of me like a water pipe. Mother woke up seeing me on top of her with blood all over me, and glass everywhere. She screamed out loud breaking the silence. Wendy came with the phone on her hands. She saw me lying dead and started sobbing next to my mother who was carrying me crying. Father’s eyes were wide opened, shocked he was. He couldn’t believe I was dead already. Opened my eyes slowly , I woke up from my own dead body. I was scared couldn’t believe I was dead too. I was a spirit now, living in a new World. I saw the three of then crying holding my empty body as I walked going outside and Mr mark the security, coming inside to see what was happening. I looked up at the milky moon, my greatest companion when I was alive. Then a cold tiny hand touched mine, I turned to see. I saw a beautiful smile, from a beautiful ghost like me. ” Welcome to the family Josh, you are one of us…one of the moon children”, that’s all she said. I felt myself floating slowly with her in the air, what can I say we were ghosts. Still this was unbelievable, I wanted to be alive again. I thought again. I was not going to be happy anyway so I happily flew up with the girl by the name of Elsie. I looked down my home, I could still hear my mother and Wendy’s cry’s. I knew my mother loved me. Saw father as once a boy like me living happy and why did he treat me like that I did not know, but I forgave him at once. To the luminous moon with the rest of other ghosts who were young like me, we flew to the moon. The moon was once my greatest companion, but now was going to be my home. Years went by, and father started a new family, and so was mother. And where ever she went I was always with her. A picture of mine in her wallet I saw, she carried it everywhere. A house that was once my home was now belonging to my grandparents. It’s been years living up here with my moon family. I’m a free and happy at last forever. I AM THE MOON CHILD


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