Are All Teenagers Corrupted

Remember that saying “We are living in the wrong generation” teenagers used to sing… when was the last time you heard it? yes you can’t remember. REASON: teenagers are slowly changing around the World… they know what they want in life? they know Wrong and Right… there are stuff they are best good at and they are taking the hard parts of life ONE STEP AT A TIME, and if anyone one tells them that they are useless they don’t even Care any more now… DOWN WITH PEER PRESSURE They are doing stuff that will make them happy and shape them.

I’m proud of TEENAGERS… they had proven this cruel World wrong…. People are Awesome!Hey U Lucky[1]


Finally!!! I’m doing Matric- It’s every teenager’s dream in South Africa

The very first important thing here in South Africa is making sure that you’ve passed your Matric and not just have a certificate… you must be able to use it. I’ve seen a lot of teenagers in my community a small Township called Imizamo Yethu here in Hout Bay, Cape Town in South Africa teens not finishing their matrics and they are getting unskilled and unemployed. I see it everyday, most of them are standing by corners asking for R2.00 s’ or R5.00 s’ and it’s a shame. When you a person like me i my community who’s doing matric and pass it with great flying colors. You get to be the talk of the hood and you’re parents get to be so proud of you!! So yeah it’s one of those days ( 3 Exam Papers down ) and 5 to go Yepi!!

Wishing all my fellow matrics the Best of Luck with the Exams #Habashwe

Let’s make em Proud!!!


Bringing Heaven to Earth….Valley Church (My 2nd Home)

Ever since I’ve joined Valley Church in 2012, while there was still a “teenage” healing session taking place. From that moment I just knew that this church was going to be a part of my life. It’s where God wanted me to be, his house…my home. In “LIFE HURTS GOD HEALS”, we were placed in groups where we had 2 group leaders and it would be the guys and girls alone in groups of 6. We were opened to talk about any thing and people were telling their own strories and we were more like sisters. We got each other’s backs and started to get healed each and everyday because of the homeworks we were gave to do, those were’nt even homeworks they were time-tables for your time with God. I even got baptized on that year 2012.But as a girl who is so inlove with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and who is always putting Him first in everything she is’s really annoying to some people. I’ve got a group of friends who some times go to church and my church and their church is completely different but that does not really matter because we are worshiping the same God at the end. But still they don’t understand my connnection with Him. They probably think I am going nuts most times, like when we are at break time with me listening to worship songs and they would think I am listening to rock songs and just making an excuse. Reason- Hillsongs, Elevation Worship, Bethel Music and the rest don’t always sound like worship song when it comes to the bands. But I listen to worship songs when I’m really avoiding their talks about sex and how it feels and stuff. Girls talk about thoes stuff, but it’s boring speaking about romance and stuff all the time and you don’t even care of experiencing them because you’re a busy matric girl!. And everytime when I am just “laid back” and chilled and not getting my self worked out and stressing about my reasults at the end of the year because I know that I did my best and He is always there next to me. They once asked me, why I am chilled and not stressing like they are about the results. and I told them that I know I won’t fail because I’ve been inviting Him to sit next to me everytime I wrote my exmas and I told them that I had faith in myself and in him….and they took it as a joke. Yes, they probably did laugh at loud. But I never cared about that, at the end of the year I passed.  And ever since that year 2012 till now 2015 I’m always make sure I am at peace, everytime when there’s been something troubling my heart the Prince of Peace is always there right next to me. He would always comfort me when I’ve locked myself in my room and listen to his favourite songs, our favourte songs. If I could’nt go to church on Sunday, I won’t be in a good mood for the rest of the day because it always feel like there’s this “Thing” that is missing in me. And nobody gets me when I tell them that, but he gets me. My friends will never stop thinking I am crazy till they seek and find him like I did. I am not afriad/ashamed to say this ” I PUT HIM FIRST AND I LOVE HIM FIRST AND I LIVE FOR HIM ONLY, even if I had to get killed for worshiping him ” I’d let it be….because I’m not ashamed of shouting to the whole wide world of the great things his doing for each and everyone of us. Even the non-church attenders never know it’s him when they get promotions at work. He is the provider and he knows when you are suffering, and he shall provide. I know that he is calling each and every one of us in to do greater things. Ever wonder why you’ve got a loving heart and working as a social worker or a vat….he placed you there and all he wants from you is letting him love you too just like you love those children and animals. He wants to spend time with you.  




THE  FAULT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           IN OUR                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   STARS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

I look at the sky and I see two very bright  and beautiful stars.

I start to wonder if they were an item or apart and had never talked to each other…always looking and watching each other from a distance.

Just like US humans..and I give a short giggle.

I see the two brightest stars and the other is by the South and the other is by the North…

They belong together, from my point of view but will they ever talk to each other?will they ever be friends or fall inlove with each other? and I give a short giggle, for the stars are like US humans…

The stars seems like they feel they are not belonging to where they’re standing as they are apart.

The stars sees to be communicating as they look at each other, talking through emotions and eye catching…no word is said and they do not bother talking or even whispering to each other, for they’ve already said a lot to each other through exchanging of emotions and the deep feeling they are feeling for one another.

Just like US sometimes when we wonder if  we were meant for each other..because we are scared of being hurt, and i give a little giggle for the stars are like US humans

Distance  gets them thinking

Time gets them worring

The separation of the stars is our fault in our stars 

And when stars are close to each other, it’s a great wonder, for love is discovered in hopeless places

When will your star find it’s own great companion?

For when the heart is crying

A star is bleeding, for it has been crying till the tears run out

Don’t let your star bleed and heart cry

Find love, for it is WONDERFUL….

The Untold…Crush


So…this is a story of a teenage girl who is head-over heels about a guy who was too blind to see the unconditional love she had for him…that he even left the country, leaving her behind and she wanted to follow him or rather die instead

Ever since she heard his voice over the phone, she loved him instantly. Holly stills remembers the day when she came from her dance class…while chattering with her dance mates on their way home. the topic about guys came up, as it normally is with girls. “Did you know that Zack is leaving for America next of next week, on a Monday?” asked Samantha as she looked at her friend Holly. Lella looked away from her black berry with eyes that were so wide, yes she looked surprised about this “really” said Lella staring at Samantha. Holly was surprise of these news even though she knew that Zack was going to go away, but just did not know that it was this near. “Oh my God I’ve got to get his numbers!” said Holly desperately looking at both her friends. The two girls smiled as the watched her, they now knew that their friend was falling for this guy named Zack. For a moment Holy seemed to be thinking a lot…and yes it was about how to get Zack’s numbers, then it came up to her. She turned to Samantha wearing a smile that said I NEED YOUR HELP! because Samantha was dating Zack’s younger brother it was clear that there was nowhere else, she could get Zack’s numbers without a help from Samantha. At first Samantha made it hard on agreeing to get Holly the numbers, but then she finally agreed …because Holly could not stop nagging and begging her and Lella was getting bored by all the “boy crazy” drummer. A few days went by and Samantha gave her desperate friend the numbers and Holly was so excited the whole day. After cleaning up and making her way to her bedroom, she sat on the bed and thought for a moment. Then with a beating heart, dry throat and sleepy eyes Holly dialed the numbers and called her crush anyway. “Hello” said a smooth, like velvet voice. And Holly had already jumped off her skin with joy, but she could control herself and she and Zack had a great chat. Zack knew who he was talking to and he liked Holly as well. Everyday Holly would call Zack and they would talk for hours: she’ll ask how his day was going, if he had plans for the weekend and so on…

They both liked each other and it was not a secret to the both of them but in the “NAME OF BEING BUSY” the two could not see each other when they really wanted to. Holly need to see Zack but things would come up. Sometimes Holly would be free but Zack would be away and go out to events like Rocking The Daisies with some friends or go to town to complete stuff and getting his passport done, was one of the things that kept them busy. But still they would never stop calling each other. Then something new was happening in Holly’s life, every morning would wake up and the first person she would thing about would be Zack and before she sleeps she’ll think about him till 3am and then sleep. Holly is the kind of girl that thinks about a million things at the same time, she worries and doesn’t get enough sleep because all she does is THINK. Yes, she was an insecure girl …doesn’t sleep until she finds the solution to her problems one by one. Holly had never experienced how to be in a real relationship, so she didn’t know what’s lover’s love and dating was like because she never dated anyone seriously before. She only knew God’s amazing love.

One second last Saturday was coming up and Zack was going to leave next of next week Monday. Holly was just chilling by the front of her house with her friend and they were talking how about they hated school and couldn’t wait to go to College. Then came Holly’s other friend  who goes by the name  of Cindy… that day was just cool the weather was turning from being hot to be windy and a bit chilly, that’s how weathers performed in places that are close to the beach. So Cindy took Holly out for some snacks at the beach and also they had some pizza. The two never had this kind of time before Holly could see that some things were changing as they are growing up slowly.  But still all could think about was her secret admire and she so wished to bump on him that day but he was away for some photo shoots. The day came to an end , but still the texting and calls never ended, even when Holly would arrange for her and Zack to meet…their busy lives kept on blocking and keeping them apart. What could Holly do her parent were strict as hell.

days and days went by but Holly’s love for Zack kept on increasing everyday. She once had a very long dream about him, she was sleeping and the next thing she was in a dream…her own dream. Zack was there of course and what she found funny was that he was one of her classmates and her boyfriend at the same time. She did not want to wake up, she was battling to wake up for she wanted to stay in the dream with Zack forever, but that did not happen.

The last Saturday came and Lella and Holly  planned to go to the Camps Bay Beach where a lot of guys were at. The girls were sitting  by the sad under the blazing sun  and just enjoyed themselves, took walks around also shot some photos the beach was crowded . With attraction as their middle names everywhere they stepped guys will look and call them, they were most times pretty annoyed. Guys would come up to them #try_their_lucks and the girls were never mean, they would just smile at them and walk away. As they enjoyed themselves Holly was sending and receiving text from Zack all the time at the beach and she was so worried because he was leaving by Monday.

Sunday came and it was a blessing,  after Holly came from church she went to watch  her group of boyfriends who begged her to see them play a match, at the soccer field. Still has not spend anytime with Zack because he was busy packing…as his text message said to Holly. And the there was Monday …she called him over and over again, wanting to at least wish him a same trip but none of  her calls or messages went through. She sat on top of her bed thinking she thought maybe Zack was in a place that did not have ADSL, WIMAX or WIFI she missed him. She was busy thinking of showing up at Zack’s house because she knew he was always alone at the afternoon. Just to surprise him. Then her phone made some beeping noise as she checked  she saw it was a reminder and she viewed it, she read: Zack is leaving for America 2day wish him the best, and tell him that you love him..

Yes, Zack was already gone, who was she going to see by tomorrow? she sat there hopelessly…maybe he was already seeing the sun rise on the  other part of the world and new York was going to be his first drop off. Holly sat still, she missed him a lot now that he was …gone and she started to sobbing  and that same voice that was smooth as velvet came up as a whisper in her ears saying: I’ll be waiting for you on the other side…come when you are ready..Holly remember that I love you, only if u truly love me then you will come

Holly stared at the dark…and started to wonder, was she going mad or she had to make a decision by crossing the world for the guy she loves.



Today at my dance class, came about 4 people who came to talk and watch us dance.  I’m so happy that I’ll be talking to Heather again via an e-mail

And it was such an hornor to meet them…

Something so wonderful happened yesterday 04 August

It was so amazing that everybody had a party pack after the dance class…I still see the smile on my little sisters faces when they were walking home with their packs.

Everybody really had a great time. Auntie Marilyn and her family were there handing the goodies to us…and thanking their friends who came up with this idea of giving the kids these packs

I look around and admire (jikeleza) for doing what they are doing for the kids. For taking them in, without them giving out a fee or something but having a chance to dance.

Jikeleza is making a huge difference in our lives

I am talking from exprience…it’s been 10 years now and i’ve been dancing and it’s worth it

Instead of been seen on the streets doing other things

We are seen dancing in the community hall

Because we love dancing and it is more safer than watching kids playing on the busy roads

Jikeleza WELL DONE!

FROM: me (Jacqueline)